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Pausing the blog posts for a while!

Hi Guys,

I am going to pause my monthly mindfulness/philosophy blog posts, on my website - (from Feb 2023).

The joint post for Dec 2022/Jan 2023 on ‘Letting your Light shine’ (issue 35) is my last contemplation for a while.

I commenced the posts In December 2019 and during the intervening 3 years I have included not only my normal posts but book reviews and various information posts on issues related to mindfulness, spiritual philosophy and humanity.

I have enjoyed these contemplations and have learned heaps in terms of my own spiritual journey. I am now going to spend more time on my art, yoga and meditation.

I should be back in the near future (with periodic segments from the archive – i.e. ‘echo from the archive’) but would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has mentioned how these blog issues have helped them along the way, and those that have provided support and encouragement. I am very grateful to you all. Thank you.

The website will stay active and has all the back issues available.

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