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Updated: Jan 29, 2020


YOUR INFINITE POTENTIAL) BY DEEPAK CHOPRA. MD., FACP - (Penguin books ISBN 978-1-84604-608-7)

I don’t normally read a book twice, but I will be doing that with this one!

The author, Deepak Chopra, has written 85 books on spirituality/mindfulness/health and thinking and was trained as a medical doctor (Endocrinologist). He is also well versed in the Vedic texts of ancient India.

The modern concept of mindfulness is fully explored from the context of all belief systems throughout history, medical science and the mystical aspects of transcendence and awareness.

He explains how existence is, in fact, consciousness (i.e. that animating force throughout everything and the source of all things) and how you can bring a sense of Self to your attention (i.e. the pull of the Self) away from your conditioned mind.

He talks about how we live in limitation in a ‘virtual reality’ that we have manufactured to suit the self (small ‘s’ self) we think we have and must have.

He goes on to say that when you ‘wake up’ (i.e. become aware of the higher Self), the picture is reversed. You realise that virtual reality is a construct (with suffering embedded in that construct). Only consciousness is a given.

He asserts that the direct path (to enlightenment – which includes a non-judgemental state) takes time. And, that you should be curious in this regard and engaged in finding out what it means to be ‘here’.

He says, that the conditioned mind has firmly decided what it means to exist, which is how we became stuck in the first place.

He provides a month-long daily plan illustrating how you can transform your mind from its old conditioning to be more ‘awake’ (i.e. a month of lessons for possible awakening).

The book itself takes you on a journey to discover the difference between reality and illusion.

In my view this book is awesome and must for all who are interested in the questions about human existence and to those that have recognised the ‘journey’ we are all on.

Barry Shirley - Ocean Grove - Victoria - Australia


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