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Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Hi guys. Basically, I am writing for me (sounds a bit silly but I have found a personal story is always compelling) and I am aware that there are a lot of like-minded people out there consciously on 'the journey'. I also feel there is so much information/knowledge to be shared and that we can become teachers for each other.

As I indicated in my first 'Mumbo Jumbo' newsletter (sorry for repeating this); a few years ago a family member quipped that I was into 'mumbo jumbo' with my interests in philosophy, wellbeing and eastern belief systems. The label stuck, which I now readily and humorously use as a euphemism for my quest for knowledge on my spiritual journey. I am continually searching for the 'truth' where I contemplate the issues using a combination of logic, reasoning and intuition, thereby arriving at many 'aha' moments.

I am literally yearning for more information on what it is to be human. What is the reason for our existence? What is the meaning of life? What is the purpose of our life? And, many many more such questions.

I became 'awake' or more aware of my higher self some 12 plus years ago when I thought that there must be more to life than I was currently experiencing (high pressure job in the Federal Public Service amongst other things). This coincided with my wife finishing with full time work which gave me more food for thought about my work/life situation. Shortly after this time I was walking to work through a local park and saw people variously playing with their pets or children, doing Tai Chi, playing sport etc. At that moment I experienced a catharsis and one of those 'aha' moments! I then made an instant decision to resign from my job - I never looked back!

Creating a blog is a big step for me and I know that I will make mistakes. It may be seen as just another mindfulness blog out there but I have learnt so much from other people in recent times that I feel, I must share it and present it the best I can.

I love quotes on the mindfulness/spiritual aspect, as I find most of them resonate with me and I can then use the amazing internet to find out more about the author of the quote and what they stand for! Brilliant! On this point I have adopted Emmanual Kant's wonderful motto, "Dare to Understand". He made this point during the 18th century age of reason, science and humanism on the question; "What is enlightenment generally?" he said; "It consists of humankind's emergence from it self-incurred immaturity, its lazy and cowardly submission to dogmas and formulas of religious or political authority". 'DARE TO UNDERSTAND' is still relevant today!

I am also a member of a study group that meets in Geelong (Australia) that is studying the Bhagavad Gita (ancient Hindu text on the art of living - possibly from 2nd century BCE or earlier). We are currently up to chapter six after 18 months to 2 years of study. I think there are many more years of study to cover all 18 chapters.

I intend reporting, in this blog, any significant things arising from our weekly Gita meetings (restarting again at the end of January 2020).

I also intend to review any spiritual styled books that I am reading and recommend if appropriate.

I have been a hobby artist (abstract) for about 15 years and you can view my art (including spiritually inspired paintings that I have completed) on my Instagram page which I have attached to this blog (see below). Also, check out my art images on clothing and other items at: and search under barry shirley or bazabstractart.

In all this, I must admit, I find it somewhat difficult to practice what I preach some of the time. The ego (which will be discussed in a future post) is said to be most cunning and to diminish its effect is a constant battle - or a war you will not win. The important thing is that I am on the right track for the changes that I want for me and that, the destination is in fact the journey!

I am going to embrace being a blog beginner. I am not selling anything nor do I have any clients to satisfy but I am keen to share my knowledge, unconditionally, with all and keep learning along the way.


Barry Shirley - Ocean Grove - Australia - 2020

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